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For air-conditioning and Industrial use, a wide range of SHINWA COOLING TOWERS are available.

Applications are unlimited, and emphasis is placed on space-savings in compact design, time saving in the installation work and minimum maintenance as on high performance and quality. With many years of experience, specialized technology and know-how in the manufacturing of cooling towers, SHINWA has developed a new "U" series Cross flow type Cooling Tower, to suit the customers need.


  • Space Saving, Compactness and Lightweight:
  • New development such as high efficiency fill type DSC2191 is incorporated.
  • Combination of low noise fan type AVS, reductions in installation space and volumes as well as dry and wet weight.

Built-In Piping Arrangements

"U series cooling towers can be supplied with built-in piping arrangements to facilitate low level connections. The result is cost & space saving in installation and plumbing.

Easier Maintenance

A new speed reducer SRS with wedge belt is compact and easy for maintenance. Also FRP lower water basin is sloped for easy cleaning.

Reduced Installation Time

"U" series cooling towers cover the ranges from 50RT to 1000RT. Delivery can be made in complete assembled or semi assembled unit form. The installation time at site can be greatly reduced by this method.

Modular Built

For any inquiries concerning Shinwa cooling towers, please contact our office in Sydney on (02) 9682 7277.

Depending on space restrictions the higher SNC models are often a good solution.