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Thermal and acoustic insulation contractors established in 1972 to undertake contract work for Mechanical Services and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Contractors on major Commercial and Industrial projects.

The insulation contracting arm of the group is one of the leaders in the commercial insulation field in NSW.

CMG Contracting offers well trained supervisory staff and site personnel who can carry out any type of insulation works.

Services Provided

  • Duct Insulation - internal and external
  • Pipe Insulation - Chilled water, heating water, steam and condensate
  • Equipment Insulation - tanks, vessels, chillers etc
  • Soffit Insulation - under concrete slab insulation
  • Acoustic Insulation - waste piping, plant room walls and ceilings, plenums etc

Contact Contracting

Consolidated Metro Group
212 Railway Terrace
Guildford NSW 2161

Phone   +61 2 9682 7277