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John Meyer

Founder and Chairman

John trained at Wildridge & Sinclair and Honeywell Control Systems before establishing Consolidated Insulation Co. in 1972. The Group he has built now covers major national agencies for air handling equipment such as Trion electrostatic filters and Shinwa cooling towers, through to a diverse group of service and contracting companies in commercial insulation, industrial insulation, fire protection, and wholesale distribution of insulation products including such brand names as Bradford Insulation and Fletcher Insulation.


Gil Baillache

Projects Superintendent

Gil commenced in the construction industry in 1977 as an apprentice sheetmetal worker for Consolidated Insulation Co. Gil left the business and returned in 2008 having gained experience in operations and production roles.


Dann Luchmun


Dann recently joined the contracting team as a Trainee Estimator. Dann has completed an Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering.

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